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Revolutionize data extraction with the GPT parser. Extract structured data from emails, PDFs, and documents. Export the parsed data in real time to any app.

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Airparser - Data extraction powered by GPT-4 | Product Hunt Airparser - Data extraction powered by GPT-4 | Product Hunt

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Swift data extraction with the GPT engine. Set up in just 2 minutes for effortless efficiency.

OCR engine

Seamlessly extract data from scanned documents, images and handwritten notes.

Any document

Effortlessly parse texts, emails, PDFs, images, HTML, and more.


Your data is securely stored and never used to train GPT models.

How it works

Automate document data extraction in 3 steps


Emails and attachments

Forward your emails and attachments to Airparser's inbox.


Manually upload your files.


Import your documents via API, or an automation platform (Zapier, Make and more).

The image displays a PDF invoice that is about to be imported into Airparser for parsing


Extraction schema

Describe the data to be extracted, and let Airparser handle the rest.

GPT-powered parser

Airparser's AI and GPT tech work together for efficient data extraction.

Automatic extraction

Sit back and relax. Airparser automatically parses incoming documents.

The image displays how the imported PDF invoice was parsed into structured data



Send parsed data to webhooks and create custom integrations.

Download to Excel

Get parsed data in Excel, CSV, or JSON.

6000+ apps

Seamlessly integrate with Zapier and Make to export to Google Sheets, Slack, Airtable, and over 6000 apps.

The image displays options to export the parsed data

Use cases

What you can do with Airparser

Human-written emails and texts

Extract signatures, contact information, dates, and key details from human-written emails and text messages effortlessly.

Handwritten texts

Digitize handwritten notes, lists, and more, transforming them into organized and actionable data.

Invoices, receipts, and POs

Efficiently capture amounts, dates, ordered items, and vendor details from invoices, receipts, and purchase orders.

CVs and resumes

Gather essential details like names, contact information, and work experience from CVs and resumes seamlessly.


Automatically extract terms, parties involved, and critical data from contracts for simplified contract management.

Order confirmations

Streamline order processing by extracting order numbers, items, and delivery details from confirmation documents.

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