data extraction in minutes.

Revolutionize data extraction with the GPT parser. Extract structured data from emails, PDFs, and documents.

Airparser - Data extraction powered by GPT-4 | Product HuntAirparser - Data extraction powered by GPT-4 | Product Hunt
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“The best part of Airparser is its ability to easily extract data from multiple types of content — even emails AND email attachments.”


Content Director in US

The easiest way to extract data from any document.

Set up in under 5 minutes: Just describe the data you want to extract, and integrate it into your workflow.

Human-written emails and texts

Extract signatures, contact information, dates, and key details from human-written emails and text messages effortlessly.

CVs and resumes

Invoices, receipts, and POs


Handwritten texts

Order confirmations

How it works

Automate document data extraction in 3 steps

The image displays a PDF invoice that is about to be imported into Airparser for parsing

1. Import

Airparser offers a wide range of options for importing your documents for parsing.

Emails and attachments

Forward your emails and attachments to Airparser's inbox.

Upload files

Manually upload your files.

API automation

Import your documents via API, or automation platforms (Zapier, Make and more).

The image shows a PDF invoice that is about to be imported into Airparser for parsing

That's what impressed me the most - it could look at John Smith, recognize that as a name, and extract "Smith" into its own column because that's the surname.

Sean, Cinematographer in US

The image displays how the imported PDF invoice was parsed into structured data

2. Extract

Simply instruct Airparser on the data you want to extract by creating a list of fields, and watch the magic happen 🦄.

Extraction schema

Describe the data to be extracted, and let Airparser handle the rest.

GPT-powered parser

Airparser's AI engine and GPT tech work together for efficient data extraction.

Automatic extraction

Sit back and relax. Airparser automatically extracts data from all incoming emails, attachments, and files.

The image displays options to export the parsed data

3. Export

Export the parsed data in real time to Google Sheets, files, webhooks, API, Zapier and 6000+ apps and platforms.


Send parsed data to webhooks and create custom integrations.

Download to Excel

Get parsed data in Excel, CSV, or JSON.

6000+ apps

Seamlessly integrate with Zapier and Make to export to Google Sheets, Slack, Airtable, and over 6000 apps.

And that's not all...

All you need, all in one. Airparser got your entire team covered.


Swift data extraction with the GPT engine. Set up in just 5 minutes for effortless efficiency.

OCR engine

Seamlessly extract data from scanned documents, images and handwritten notes.

Any document type

Effortlessly parse texts, emails, PDFs, images, HTML, and more.

API and webhooks

Create automations of any complexity without writing a single line of code.

Developer docs

Any language

Airparser is trained to recognize typed, scanned, and handwritten texts in 60+ languages.


Your data is securely stored, encrypted, and never used to train AI or GPT models.

Learn more

Integrate automations with your stack.

Don't waste your time on repetitive tasks. Let automations handle them.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Automatically export parsed data to Google Sheets in real-time.



Parse lead details and send them directly to your CRM.



Sync the captured data from receipts, bills and invoices to QuickBooks to automate accounts payable for your business.



Send notifications to your team with lead or order details.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Parse invoices and other documents and store them on Cloud Storage for backup.



Use webhooks to integrate any tool in your stack and create custom automations.

6000+ automations available via Zapier and Make.

Companies of all sizes trust Airparser

That's what impressed me the most - it could look at John Smith, recognize that as a name, and extract "Smith" into its own column because that's the surname. Definitely will be using this again in the future.


Cinematographer in US

The ability to extract data from different types of documents including PDFs, emails, HTML, txt files, and even scanned images is particularly impressive. Furthermore, its capability, and really would recommend if any ask because its moving straight up


Co Founder in Jordan

Overall, Airparser is a really great user-friendly tool that delivers exactly what it promises and more. The best part of Airparser (at least for me and my needs) is its ability to easily extract data from multiple types of content—even emails AND email attachments.


Content Director in US

I uploaded a couple of documents and it just worked. I tried to be very descriptive in the parsing and that's all it took.

Verified Reviewer

Logistics & Supply Chain, 11–50 Employees

Processes that would otherwise not even be feasible like data cleanups, data extractions, and migrating to a new app with existing data become possible with these tools.


Accounting Software, 2–10 Employees

Beyond the functionality, the team behind Airparser is incredibly helpful and responsive. I wish this product and team success, and look forward to seeing what else they create.

Verified Reviewer

Education Management, 11–50 Employees

Amazing results. It works out of the box on a lot of different PDF files we use for customers. It is easily integrated into existing applications.

Verified Reviewer

Computer Software, 51–200 Employees

It can handle various types of documents and texts, such as emails, invoices, receipts, handwritten notes, lists, and more.

Verified Reviewer

Computer Software, Self Employed

The user interface is very intuitive. The speed of the proccess is also acceptable and the easy way to find support if required


Aviation & Aerospace, 2–10 Employees

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